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Marketing Services

PR Hollywood is a full service marketing consulting firm with over 25 years of experience in traditional marketing and 15 years online. Let us help your business grow through:


Email Promotions

Viral Marketing (online)


Lead Generation

Media Relations

Marketing Strategy and Research




Tradeshows Website Development and Traffic Generation Multi-media Creations

Special Events - creation, production and management

Interactive Media Marketing (Viral)

Our talented and inventive in-house staff develops killer content for all your online/offline media needs.


This includes: Story board, scripting, producing, directing, editing and packaging your Web cast, video production, rich media marketing, events, corporate videos, flash presentations, tradeshows, press conferences, stockholder meetings, and pay-per-view events.

Interactive Media Marketing (Viral)

Our experts provide a marketing mix of high-impact, cost effective, offline and online approaches. We provide public relations that inform and influence the media as well as your audiences. Our communication style focuses on VALUE ADD, meeting a client's needs through creative approaches and maximizing organizational ROI. Services include:


• Product launch announcements

• Editorial calendar management for story opportunities

• Media Kits, Press/Analysts Tour

• Press releases and other collateral

• Copywriting for brochures/flyers

• Key message development and media placement

• Target key print and online editors for article placement

• News wire service distribution (target to key circuits)

• News stream distribution (includes streaming video/logo placement)

• Online Web cast development, production and streaming

• Online promotions and contests

• Sponsorship opportunities

• Event and trade show management

• Media and press support at trade shows

• Press conferences

• Speaking engagements for company executives

• Direct e-mail campaigns and banner advertising

• Broadcast coverage with television news, CNBC, ABC Market Watch, CNN

• SMT (Satellite Media Tour) - top 100 markets VDR (Video News Release) - top 100 markets

• In-flight airlines video coverage with American Airlines, Delta, etc.

• Integrated programs with offline and online media

• Guerilla marketing

• Cross promotions

• On going relationships with high tech, trade, consumer press and analysts.

• New business/sales development

• Strategic partnership development

Brand Marketing Services

• Identity

• Creative

• High-Impact Communications

• Focus Groups and Market Research

• Marketing Intelligence of your competitors

Marketing Strategy

• Identify new ways to penetrate your markets

• Identify immerging growth markets and trends

• Identify a new voice through which you may speak to new or           existing markets

• Eliminate your competition

• Add new channels for new revenues

Marketing Strategy

• A comprehensive analysis of the online landscape and your online   positioning

• A strategic, low-cost, results oriented online marketing plan

• Test runs and implementation of the plan

• Affiliate plans and partnership implementation See our partners

Offline Marketing

• Compose a marketing mix of high-impact, cost effective, offline       and online approaches.

Marketing Intelligence

Providing competitive advantages and risk mitigation through data interpretation, analyses and strategic recommendations. Strengths include:


• Multidisciplinary Project Management

• Risk Mitigation

• Resource/Budget Management

• Data Interpretation

• Employee/ Crew Management

• Review & Assessment Skills

• Analyses and Strategic Planning

• Logical Problem Solving

• Offensive Marketing Strategies

• Cinematic Entertainment Strategies

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