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Monica Matulich

Managing Partner and Founder

With a background in entertainment and corporate law, Monica Matulich is a communications strategist, experienced in the art of crafting win-win marketing programs for clients and spinning stories that the media loves. Monica brings over two decades of experience in strategic communications planning, execution, media relations, public relations, senior marketing management, business development, event production, sponsorship sales, and government relations.


She is a talented executive who is committed to leading teams to success with hands on experience in a variety of industries (including entertainment, consumer products, fashion, fitness, new media/technology, travel, hospitality, non-profit, government and defense), serving such brands as Warner Bros., Disney, Playboy, DeSean Jacskon, StarTrek/Nichelle Nichols, Fly Fit at Heathrow airport, Baby Einstein, Hansen's Natural Juices, e-Prize, Inc. (now HelloWorld)—and such organizations as The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Turkish Airlines, The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, United Technologies/Sikorsky Helicopter, The California Women’s Conference, The Wildlife Waystation, and Makeovers That Matter. 

As a result of her experience working in the international arena, Monica is able to quickly identify and craft winning strategies in order to adapt to fast changing situations. Her negotiation skills are at a playing level with the best in this field, with the outcome resulting in the successful resolution of more than one international conflict.


A California native, Monica graduated from UCSB where she also studied theatre. The philosophy that guides her career is that she can always learn something new, no matter how much experience she’s been able to garner in her adventurous professional life…she believes, there’s always something you haven’t yet experienced.  That’s the challenge! And challenge is what motivates her!

Mr. Dubec has enjoyed a multi-decade career as a film producer, foreign sales executive and senior film market analyst.

He acted as project analyst and compiled statistical forecasts based on picture genre and audience for Playa Vista Film Corp. and Universal Pictures, providing highly accurate revenue forecasts for American Pie, Erin Brockovich, October Sky, and U-571. He played a central role in the business development strategy and negotiations for a $500 million German film investment partnership.Mr. Dubec provided strategic business planning and distribution for worldwide foreign pre-sales for numerous films.



Charles Dubec

Co-Founding Partner


Tony Materna

Director of Marketing

Mr. Materna is a entrepreneur with a twenty year career in the hi-tech industry. He is a creative and seasoned chief marketing executive with a successful track record as a company builder.


Mr. Materna has enjoyed a 20-year career in high technology and is the veteran of six previous start-ups, two of which have gone on to be $100 million successes.  A degreed mechanical engineer, he has held marketing, sales and senior management and CEO positions with companies in electronics, computers, test equipment and digital outdoor signage.


After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Materna was a pilot in the U.S. Air Force, serving in the North American Defense Command (NORAD). He has enjoyed a twenty year career in the high tech industry in senior sales, marketing and management positions. Mr. Materna is also a screen writer and was the military technical advisor on the Dustin Hoffman film, Outbreak.


Mr. Materna is currently a marketing and CEO consultant with PRHollywood.




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